Background processing

Background processing without user interaction

BarcodeOCR combines two separate parts, a user interface to setup the configurations as well as system service.

The system service runs in the background on a workstation or server in your network and doesn’t require any user interaction to process your files. BarcodeOCR monitors special folders and will detect compatible files as soon as a scanner or a user places them into the folder.

The service is capable of processing more than one configuration per installation. If you need to process different types of documents, you can do so by just installing one instance of BarcodeOCR.

If you choose more than one configuration per instance, the files will be queued automatically and processed once at a time. It is possible to scan different document stacks with multiple scanners to one BarcodeOCR installation at the same time.

The processing speed varies of the document quality, the density of the scanned documents as well as further processing of the documents.

You can install a separate BarcodeOCR-Installation if you need to process documents on another location. This makes sure that your documents are processed quickly.