Filter rules

Exclude unwanted barcodes

Scanned documents might already contain barcodes which can change the way the documents should be processed. To avoid this fact, you can use text filter that should match your barcode to ignore barcodes that should not be recognized.

If you choose Code 128 as your favorite barcode type and there already is an existing Code 128 barcode, BarcodeOCR might pick the wrong Barcode and renames your document not as intended.

Using an easy to use filter markup language, you can define the structure of your barcodes per configuration. You can even setup multiple structures which one needs to match in order to choose that barcode.

If you don’t have any option to set up your own barcode structure or if you can’t filter with the easy markup language, you can use full “regular expressions” to define your structure even more accurate. This way you can filter all third-party barcodes.

Using the simple markup language, you can use the following wildcards:

  • ?, one character
  • *, one or more characters

and to define more than one filter, you can separate the filter using a pipe  „|“-character.


Invoices from Year 2017

All Invoices from 2015-2017

All Barcodes starting with NOTE, containing a “6” as the seventh character


Filtering is possible using a text or structure of the text, the barcode type (Code 39) as well as the direction (left to right) and the position the barcode is located (upper half of the page)