Protect your documents against unauthorized access

If you want to process confidential information (i.e. medical data), you want to make sure that you protect this information against unauthorized access. A solution is to use a PDF file encryption, which can be added by enabling this feature in BarcodeOCR.

Using this option, your documents will be encrypted by a password defined by you. To open the file and see the content of the file, the password must be known.

BarcodeOCR works compliant to existing standards, which means that these documents can be opened using all major PDF viewers as well as mobile devices.

You can protect the documents using two security layers:

  • A password to read the document
  • A password to edit the document or remove the protection.

These passwords can be defined per configuration. When the file is saved into the output folder, BarcodeOCR saves the encrypted file. This allows you to encrypt documents within a special configuration (i.e. tax documents), but not encrypting documents within your invoice configuration.

The documents will be safely encrypting using a military grade AES 256 bit cipher. If you forgot your password, you can’t open your documents anymore.