Securing file access in the future

Modern file formats are fast moving and changed frequently. It is common that current file formats are extended or upgraded and may contain new features on every new version. This leads to innovation but might be problematic when dealing with archiving files. Old file formats might not be displayed correctly or the content is lost.

A faithful archive is essential when the processed and scanned files should be archived for a long term. Missing fonts, color information or unsupported image formats embedded might be the reason some PDF-files can’t be read in some years. This makes it important to save important information in a special way, to make sure they can be read in many years.

This is possible using a dedicated file format, called PDF/A. This is an international standard for saving documents which is supported by all major PDF viewers.

BarcodeOCR supports this format and converts all input files automatically into that file format without any user interaction. This way, you can make sure to be able to read those files in the future.

BarcodeOCR converts those files into the latest version of the standard, PDF/A-3b.