Splitting rules

Splitting your stack – depending on your needs

Using BarcodeOCR you can split your document based on needs automatically. You can work with separating pages or the barcode can be located on the first page of each document.

You can define the rules to split the document per configuration. The invoices can be split using separating pages while the purchase orders might contain the barcode on the first page.

Do not separate document stack

The document will be search for a valid barcode to rename, and the document will be saved under the new name of the document.

Separate stack irrespective of barcodes on individual pages

All pages of the document stack will be split into separate pages. If the page contains a valid barcode, the file will be renamed and saves into the success folder. If no valid barcode was found, the document will be saved into the error folder

Split document based on Barcode pages (dynamic recognition of document length)

Based on the allowed Barcode types (u.e. QR-Code, Code 128, … ) and additional text and location filter rules (only filters starting with INV- and detected horizontally, …) the stack will be split into separate parts and renamed based on the recognized barcode.

Advanced splitting with removing Barcode pages

The processing of the document works like the “from barcode to barcode” method but considers separating pages and removes them from the output documents.

Advanced splitting and recognizing and combining same barcodes within one stack

This split method allows to split documents and combine same barcode pages dynamically within one stack.