Integration in your current workflow

To integrate BarcodeOCR into your workflow, BarcodeOCR supports launching other application or scripts after processing your files.

This feature, called “downstream application” enables you to start a .exe-Application or script after each saved output document or per input document. In addition to this, BarcodeOCR is able to save a special info-file which contains all information regarding the document and the recognized barcodes for further processing.

This way, you can customize BarcodeOCR to your personal needs. If you want to upload the resulting files to a Cloud Storage or sending them encrypted per email, this can be achieved within minutes.

Possible tasks might be:

  • Creation of a .csv log file regarding the processed documents
  • Renaming, moving or altering the output file after it has been processed by BarcodeOCR
  • Updating a database with information from the file
  • Send the document via email

You can find additional information regarding the scripting possibilities in the documentation. BarcodeOCR itself installs some sample scripts to allow an easy customization.