Customize the file name to your needs

After separating the stack, BarcodeOCR saves the new parts into separate files and renames them based on your needs before saving them into the output folder. You can define, how the documents should be renamed automatically to make sure to find the processed documents easier in your file system.

You can choose from the following options while renaming:

  • Use the original file name (No renaming based on barcodes)
  • Use the recognized Barcode as new filename

Additionally, you can append or prepend text as well as these variables:

  • Text
  • Current year
  • Current month
  • Current day
  • Current date
  • Unique Timestamp
  • Unique Filestamp
  • Old filename before renaming
  • Count of pages
  • Document counter (per configuration)
  • Document counter (per BarcodeOCR installation)

Replace individual characters

In addition to adding individual characters or parameters to the file name, you can replace existing text with a new text.

Solving file name conflicts

In case a file with the file name already exists, you can define which operation should take place. You can choose from the following options:

  • Overwrite duplicates
  • Rename to intended file name + consecutive number
  • Rename duplicates to “Duplicate” + consecutive number for manual inspection