Sort into subfolders

Unify your file structure!

After all processing routines (splitting, renaming, converting to PDF/A, adding a digital signature and further steps) of BarcodeOCR are done, the resulting files will be saved into the defined output folder.

Creating a user defined folder structure into the output folder is possible.

BarcodeOCR allows you two different options to create the subfolders dynamically:

Subfolders via templates

Templates are a very easy and quick option to use a predefined folder structure. Typical requirements are achieved using this option.


Subfolders via script

Before saving a file, a custom script is launched with all information regarding the processing results and information. This script determines the subfolder (or multiple sub folders) and optionally a new file name. The output file will be saved into that location.

Using templates and scripts, the following scenarios can be achieved:

  • Subfolders based on date or time
  • Subfolders based on recognized barcodes
  • Subfolders based on text from a barcode that is split by using a separator character
  • First X characters of a barcode as a subfolder
  • Last X characters of a barcode as a subfolder
  • Sorting documents based on recognized text and/or barcode
  • Sorting based on barcode content or barcode type into separate subfolders
  • Saving into different folders using a hash table (Invoices into folder A, Offers into bolder B)
  • Using a customer defined algorithm to determine one or multiple subfolders (Scripting using PowerShell)
  • Setting a filename independently from the barcode file name

Using the script options, all collected information from the recognition will be offered – i.e. recognized barcodes, filtered barcodes, recognized text on each page. Which this information you can adjust BarcodeOCR to your individual needs!

You can find additional samples in the documentation.