Minimize the processing time

BarcodeOCR can utilize all CPU cores to recognize the barcodes or doing the text recognition. This way the files can be processed much faster compared to a single CPU usage and your systems get fully utilized.

A special algorithm is measuring free system resources and distribute the CPU intensive tasks efficient to all CPU cores. This way the pages within a document can be analyzed faster and the amount of time needed to process the input file can be reduced.

  • One Core (needed time) 100% 100%
  • Two Cores (needed time) 60% 60%
  • Four Cores (needed time) 20% 20%

The performance might vary up the system. The results were measured by using a 200-page document in virtualized environment.

BarcodeOCR is smart when utilized your system – if you are running other services on the same computer (i.e. a database), BarcodeOCR won’t be greedy regarding the system resources and ensures that other services won’t be affected.

In this particular case, the documents won’t be processed so quickly, but the performance impact on other applications is minimal. This could lead in a variable processing time that might take more time when the system is busy.